RADIANT INC., KOREA: Herbal Actives & Extract from Korean for the cosmetics & personal care industry.


SNF, FRANCE: FLOCARE range of low cost & high quality Polyquaternium of varying molecular weights from SNF France for hair care products.

CAMPO RESEARCH, SINGAPORE: Claim oriented natural actives from various innovative vegetable sources across the globe with blockbuster ingredients like Songyi mushroom, Plant preservative, Pearl Powder.

CHEMOURS, USA: Pioneer in the field of vegetable derived Glycolic acid for skin care & hair care products. GLYPURE 70% is an epitome of purity & consistency across the globe.

RHEO SOLUTIONS, UK: Performance polymers & rheology modifiers for all requirements of personal care. Specialize in tube rheology polymers.


HYDRIOR, SWITZERLAND: Fatty Acid Acyl Lactylates, mild anionic surfactants for natural claim toiletries.


FARMASINO, CHINA: Commodity surfactants like Lauryl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside & Decyl Glucoside.


VANESSENCE, SWITZERLAND: World of Fragrance from Switzerland for various skincare & hair care applications including fine fragrance sprays.

NEELIKON FD&C, INDIA: Globally acclaimed colors for cosmetics, home care & pharma applications.

INDIGENOUS PRODUCTS: Specialize in super critical extracts from Indian Herbs, Butters & Oils from Ayurvedic science.


BST, KOREA: Natural range of innovative plant actives

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