Sr no Products INCI Appearance Features & Benefits
1 FLOCARE™ C106 Polyquaternium 6 Liquid Cationic homopolymer to reduce static & flyaway applicable in hair conditioning products & hair colors
2 FLOCARE™ C107 Polyquaternium 7 clear colourless liquid Cost effective & versatile conditioner that is suitable for transparent & opaque products
3 FLOCARE™ C111 Polyquaternium 11 clear to pale yellow liquid Quaternised co-polymer with enhance setting, good fixative property, hold and curl retention benefits
4 Flocare C 122 PF Polyquaternium 22 clear to slightly hazy viscous liquid Highly charged co-polymer with deep hair conditioning. Most suitable for dry, chemically treated rough hair
5 Flocare C 139 PF Polyquaternium 39 Clear, Colorless viscous liquid Improves wet & dry combing property. Mainly used in regular conditioner, dyes, shampoo & damage repair product