We have strengthened our position in the industry with globally recognized manufacturers as key partners in our mission to offer only the best to our customers.


SNF is the world’s largest producer of polyacrylamide. It’s PAM-based polymers have applications in personal care and cosmetic formulations as well as industrial and institutional applications.


An eminent international company with expertise in developing the most advanced and specialized active ingredients. Credited with the development of novel products like PureWhite, PureFix DC, Cuti-Pro N and more for skin and scalp care.


A company specializing in the production of GLYPURE™ GLYCOLIC ACID that enhances the performance of personal care products intended to promote healthy nails, skin and hair while also creating solutions for household and industrial applications.

Campo Research

A reputable name in the novel cosmetics industry with expertise in producing plant-extracted enzymes and natural active ingredients. Highly renowned for its innovative ingredients sourced from exotic plants across countries like India, China and Australia.


With core specialization in the field of surfactants, Hydrior is known for its sulphation and esterification techniques. The company is known to make surfactants at different viscosity levels, counterions and concentrations.


A prime manufacturer of high quality dyes and pigments compliant with global regulatory requirements for applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care as well as industrial applications.

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