Brink Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in India specializing in supply of ingredients for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Household, Industrial & Nutraceutical industry. Brink operates in imports as well as exports through its different department. In imports we supply many Natural actives, Polymers, Rheology modifiers, Herbal extracts & other Innovative Additives to the Indian Industry exclusively from the World Leading Principal Companies. We also export to International Market i.e. UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Brink is actively involved in the export business through its exclusive products from Indian herbal science & indigenous products to the country.

Our Associate Companies

Supplying innovative global ingredients covering emulsifiers, emollients, sunscreen, actives, solubilizers from leading principals to the Indian industry.

Providing cost effective & in-depth technical, formulation for topical applications including marketing concept development & KPO services to the Indian & overseas companies.